MP3 vs Streaming

The data of streaming music through popular online streaming services has been greatly reduced. By using maximizing technologies, the data needed to stream a song has been cut down by nearly 80 percent.

MP3 files are typically audio files that are first downloaded onto a person’s computer. These audio files are collected into folders called playlists. One of the most popular places people would store their MP3 files was on iTunes. iTunes is a music listening and MP3 storage program created by Apple, for all to use for free. From here, your MP3 player device could be connected to the computer and your music could then be put on your MP3 player. Now, you would be able to take the music with you on the go! Listen at the gym by putting in ear buds or plug into the car and jam out on the stereo. MP3 players were an amazing thing of their time, but they have definitely been trumped by online music streaming services.

Popular online music streaming services

Pandora has become an online leader of music streaming. They offer users a way to stream music for free! The catch? They play adds in between every few songs. So for free music listening to your trade off is having to listen to an ad. Not bad right? Essentially the advertiser is now paying for you to be able to listen to music. There is also an option that you can pay a small monthly subscription fee so that you do not have to hear any ads at all. One downfall with Pandora is that you can not directly listen to the song that you want to right at that time. The way Pandora works is they you create a “station”. The way you create a station is you either choose a specific song you like or an artist that you like. Now Pandora uses it’s smart technology to pick other songs and artists that are similar to what you have originally picked to create your station and play it for you. It is a great way to get a wide variety of music. It is also an awesome way to find new music that is similar to what you like.

MP3 music files dead?

Now with streaming music service becoming ever more popular, it seems as if the MP3 music file has been dying. For years MP3s were the way to go to put music on your mobile listening device, better known as an MP3 player. One of the most well known of the time is the iPod. Many people owned original iPods and would download music to their computer to then be transferred onto their iPad or another MP3 player.

It seems as if streaming has taken over as the go-to way of listening to music. Gone are the days or having to wait to go home to download that hot new song you heard on the radio. Now, simply turn on your streaming player and boom, it is ready to go!

One downfall I have seen that has come along with the major increase of music streaming is that now we are using our cellular data to be able to listen to the music. While this may seem like no probleM at all, have you ever seen the cellphone company penalty charges for going over on your monthly data quota? They are simply outrageous! People that do not have unlimited data can risk the possibility of streaming too much data through their phone and going over the maximum data. Many cell phone companies have implemented unlimited plans to combat this problem as nearly all people are streaming music.

New Music of 2017

If you haven’t realized by now, there have been tons of artists who put out tons of music within the past few months. 2017 is shaping up to be the year of dedicated musicians which includes Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, Mod Sun, Machine Gun Kelly, and much more! We are excited to create the ultimate 2017 playlist for you. Find below the album titles and brief descriptions of the hottest albums so far!

  • DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

As most of you have probably heard, Kendrick Lamar is ranked as one of the most conscious hip-hop artists to date. With intrinsic lyrics over hard hitting beats, with also in an internal monolog throughout the entire project, Lamar dominates. Damn. has flown through the charts and has some pretty intense bangers (C’mon. Did you see ‘HUMBLE.’?). What was To Pimp A Butterfly has now transformed into a motherf*ckin stinger from a bee. Doubt us? Take a listen to the entire record and let us know what you think.

  • bloom – Machine Gun Kelly  

The once labeled ‘Wild Boy’ has now turned a new corner. His third album, bloom, has debuted the artist’s sensitive yet unique side. Machine Gun Kelly has definitely made a name (and reputation) for himself yet he still continues to surprise the haters. With songs like ‘Rehab’ and ‘Kiss the Sky’, MGK really knocks down other performance artists just by the way he strums a few strings. He always holds it down for his #1’s though, with tracks like ‘The Gunner’ and ‘Trap Paris’ he still knows how to hit them. ’27’ is probably the most prolific track on the entire album because of the message within the lyrics and the incredible guitar solo at the end. Definitely a step up for Kells and a great listening experience for all music lovers.

  • Divide – Ed Sheeran

The marketing ploy behind Sheeran’s album covers is pretty genius. How can you NOT know whose album this is? Besides his fascination with neon colored albums and math symbols, Ed Sheeran has outdone himself again. Tracks like ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘Shape of You’ have dominated the charts and playlists of all radio stations worldwide. While his bank account is ballooning, Sheeran’s head is not. Within all the fame and the struggle, Ed has remained the same humble English boy we all fell in love with. Divide has become the culmination of years spent in the limelight and a year away from all technology and communication (he actually threw away his phone for an entire year). With the border crossing songs and themes, Sheeran has declared himself a forerunner for the 2017 Grammy’s.

  • Movie – Mod Sun

For those of you who have not heard of the musician/writer/artist or overall happy guy, Mod Sun is someone to be contested. His new album, Movie, has integrated storytelling, boom bap beats, and most of all, an expression of who he truly is. Mod is a happy go lucky guy with a repertoire of incredible work. He published his two books and instantly became famous. His new work doesn’t hide his insecurities or shine a light on his bravado. The entire album is a piece of art and it is worth a listen…or three.

Stay tuned for our next album review on Blackbear, The Underachievers, and Post Malone.

If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On.

If music be the food of love, play on. – William Shakespeare

In today’s day and age, there has been a rapid succession in society. More specifically, American democracy. Individuals in power sign documents to weed away the art programs and cultural expressions of the self. This isn’t another blog. This is a fight for what is right. This is a proclamation that although those in power can try to destroy creation, destruction is only a form of flattery. Art provides an escape; an expression; a lifestyle. It has been the one constant throughout humankind. We are here to protest the best way we know how: with art. Follow us on our social media and we will continue to post regularly to ensure the people have a place to speak.