Why do I LOVE live music?

Music is such a beautiful thing, but take it a step further and listen to some high quality life music, and you will find out quickly there is no comparison. The rhythm and vibe connects the crowd in a way that can not be done while just listening to a CD or downloaded version while you are in the car.


The Live Music Feel

The feeling of the live music at a concert venue, large or small, takes over. You can feel in tune with the people actually playing the music. When ever I am looking for live  music to go see, I look for what venues they are being held. If the venue is too large, sometimes the music can be distorted or not sound nearly as good. My favorite venue type is a small venue, where the acoustics are set according. My wife and I love even travelling to go see shows at smaller venues than large ones because the environment is intimate and makes for a much better experience.

I think my all time favorite type of music to listen to in a live setting but a small venue, has got to be blues music. The music just captures my soul and takes me to places where I feel alive and well. The guitar strung with sliding play style is so unique I just love it. I could listen for hours on end and not stop. The rhythm of the bass also is something I really like where they have to be right on time to make the entire blue bands sound good together.

The only downside to smaller events is sometimes they are not as well organized as larger events. Larger venues often have a much higher budget to work with and can afford to put out the money for the things needed like fencing, gates, bigger stages and crowd control.

BUT, do not let that deter you from venturing to smaller venues to see awesome shows and enjoy the smaller venues, because some of the best music I have ever heard has been from smaller venues.

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