Pandora Streaming

Pandora has become a wonderful option for streaming music to your phone or computer and is an exceptional option to using MP3 files. The only major downside I can really see is that if you stream too much and go over your data on your cell phone plan. Or if you are looking for a direct song that you want to listen to right away, then Pandora would not be your option. Our music enthusiast, Michael says one of the other major pluses for Pandora is that all the music streamed is in high-quality HD. Sometimes when you download an MP3 file to listen to a specific song, you do not get such a high-quality file. The music can sound weird and distorted as compared to what you hear on the radio. That is what is awesome about Pandora. You can be assured knowing that you are getting the best quality sounds there is to possibly get (your speakers permitting). Click here for more of Michael’s ideas.

Another great option for streaming music is to use something like Spotify. Spotify allows you to directly stream any song you want at any time. Every now and then there are crappy versions that you must sift through to find a good one, but overall Spotify is an amazing music streaming platform that allows you to listen to nearly any song you can imagine at any time you want to. You can even make an account on Spotify. Once you make an account, you can now add songs to playlists and save your favorites.

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