New Music 2017 p.iii

Russ – There’s Really A Wolf

‘What They Want’ by Russ is a smash hit. This isn’t an opinion, it’s fact (check the ratings). Russ originally started off as a SoundCloud producer and rapper from Georgia. From there, he scaled his skills and success. His latest album, ‘There’s Really A Wolf’ hit iTunes earlier this year. He created a major fan base from online promotion and marketing, contributing more than $2 million in his first year on a label. Although he proclaims to be a ‘partner’ on his label, he denies that he had any connections coming into the music industry. Regardless, his music continues to skyrocket and reach new audiences. Take a listen.


DJ Khaled – Grateful

There are some major hits on DJ Khaled’s new record, Grateful. There are also some major flops. Combining features from Jay-Z, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Chance the Rapper, Drake and Nas, there’s some competition. ‘I’m The One’ already hit top 10 the first week the single dropped, but the procession of the songs from the album don’t stand out from one another. There are some bangers, like ‘On Everything’ and ‘Down For Life’, but they lack content. Although it is an ambitious record, we expected more.


DubXX – Smoking in Public

After being featured on Machine Gun Kelly’s song, ‘Moonwalkers’, it’s only right Dub came out with some new material. After listening to the EP a few times, some of the songs stuck out. ‘Come Down’ is a standout record, blasting the likes of his predecessors. ‘No Safety’ also had some valuable lyrics within the rhyme scheme. It’s definitely¬†a record to listen to and we’re anxious to hear what’s next.

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