MP3 vs Streaming

The data of streaming music through popular online streaming services has been greatly reduced. By using maximizing technologies, the data needed to stream a song has been cut down by nearly 80 percent.

MP3 files are typically audio files that are first downloaded onto a person’s computer. These audio files are collected into folders called playlists. One of the most popular places people would store their MP3 files was on iTunes. iTunes is a music listening and MP3 storage program created by Apple, for all to use for free. From here, your MP3 player device could be connected to the computer and your music could then be put on your MP3 player. Now, you would be able to take the music with you on the go! Listen at the gym by putting in ear buds or plug into the car and jam out on the stereo. MP3 players were an amazing thing of their time, but they have definitely been trumped by online music streaming services.

Popular online music streaming services

Pandora has become an online leader of music streaming. They offer users a way to stream music for free! The catch? They play adds in between every few songs. So for free music listening to your trade off is having to listen to an ad. Not bad right? Essentially the advertiser is now paying for you to be able to listen to music. There is also an option that you can pay a small monthly subscription fee so that you do not have to hear any ads at all. One downfall with Pandora is that you can not directly listen to the song that you want to right at that time. The way Pandora works is they you create a “station”. The way you create a station is you either choose a specific song you like or an artist that you like. Now Pandora uses it’s smart technology to pick other songs and artists that are similar to what you have originally picked to create your station and play it for you. It is a great way to get a wide variety of music. It is also an awesome way to find new music that is similar to what you like.

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