MP3 music files dead?

Now with streaming music service becoming ever more popular, it seems as if the MP3 music file has been dying. For years MP3s were the way to go to put music on your mobile listening device, better known as an MP3 player. One of the most well known of the time is the iPod. Many people owned original iPods and would download music to their computer to then be transferred onto their iPad or another MP3 player.

It seems as if streaming has taken over as the go-to way of listening to music. Gone are the days or having to wait to go home to download that hot new song you heard on the radio. Now, simply turn on your streaming player and boom, it is ready to go!

One downfall I have seen that has come along with the major increase of music streaming is that now we are using our cellular data to be able to listen to the music. While this may seem like no probleM at all, have you ever seen the cellphone company penalty charges for going over on your monthly data quota? They are simply outrageous! People that do not have unlimited data can risk the possibility of streaming too much data through their phone and going over the maximum data. Many cell phone companies have implemented unlimited plans to combat this problem as nearly all people are streaming music.

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